Grocery store happiness

I love going to the grocery store and I have found that I’m one of very few people in this world who like to go to the grocery store.  

Am I the only one? Do any of you enjoy going to the grocery store or do you dread it? 

Things to do before we leave! EAT!!!

Oh that places I want to eat when I go home for the holidays. Reading this list makes my mouth water and my tummy hungry! 

This is an amazing website where people post their pictures and write captions for a selected theme.  Well this one is pictures of weird things that people have eaten around the wold.  Some of these you might have heard of and others will surprise you.  Its a nice look into cuisine in other countries. 

Love this man, and he is based in San Francisco which is based in my heart.  I have never been to the places he mentions but I’m look forward to hunting them down next time I’m in the city.